Landlords husk, 2022

Gouache, watercolor, soft pastel on canvas 64x92 cm


The Truth On the Tip of My Tongue (2/3)

Performance script excerpt:

“To evict is to crap your pants and to seek serenity in the negative space despite. This is the landlord’s death-drive. To flip a property inside-out like a glove, the rooms inverted like poor pockets pulled out, gored like guts, hanging out, out of the front door, prolapsed property. Landlords haunt and are haunted by this premise, like ghosts living in an abandoned house. As you know, landlords are the only parasite who would have you believe they are the host...”

“...Buy-to-let you in on a secret. Buy-to-let’s shake on it. Buy-to-let nature take its course. Buy- to-let the good times roll...”

“...With a pair of scissors the tenant cuts open the landlord’s husk and crawls inside. What is the difference between a house and a husk? A landlord needs a life host but a tenant only needs a husk, what is the difference between a host and a husk?..”