Smári Róbertsson






Selected works:


Teddy, 2023


Good Listener Mixtape, 2022


The truth on the tip of my tongue (the aftertaste of something I once knew), 2022


Landlords husk, 2022


Wearing and being worn, 2022


East of the sun and west of the moon icw. Persijn Broers & Margit Lucaks, 2022


Heavy icw. Rietlanden Womens Office, 2022


Stone licker by Faysal Mroueh icw. Halla Einarsdóttir, Daniel Vorthuys, Antje Nestel


My boss and landlord paint my portrait, 2021


Mannsskinnsskórnir, 2021


The father of eighteen elves, 2021


Poking the unknown with a really long stick, 2020


This clock before it existed, 2019


Tabula Rasa, 2017